Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Giraffe - Paul.

                                   580 Meters.

The sound of never ending claping and water leaking tapping, all the giraffes walk on a never ending loop. They all suddnely stop to a giraffe that fell and gave up on walking a never ending spiral that was like passing a rugby ball. They kept walking and continueing the loop. All the giraffe's are alright and none of them know if it's day or night. They are in a place that looks modern and looks like a car park, the place where you'll lose a car like the giraffes lost  their 1 friend.

They reached the end, it was a door. They all ducked down and went through the door and then they found a way to go up, again it was another loop. They were going like a basketball going round and round on the rim of a hoop. And they kept walking and walking and walking..

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