Thursday, 18 October 2018

Volcano-By Paul

Learning Intention We are learning to write an instruction.
Success Criteria I know I am successful if I can write instruction how to make a model volcano.

First, Glue or Tape the empty soft bottle into the box.

Next,Cut 5 cardboard strips and tape it in a angle to the bottle.

Third, Then rip newspaper into pieces  and glue the newspaper on the cardboard and onto the box stripe

After that, leave it to dry.

Lastly, then paint it brown and then paint green as a grass.

Very lastly, leave it to dry.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

All About Me - By Paul

Learning Intention- We are learning to write a paragraph
Success Criteria : I know I am successful when I can write a paragraph about myself 

Hello my name is Paul  . I was born in December 2008 I have two step brothers. I grew up in Panmure New Zealand and  I  am studying at Panmure  my favourite sports is soccer and Rugby songs I like listening to is New Edition , Bell Biv Devoe ,  , Babyface Dru hill and R. Kelly , The food I like to eat  is Meat , chicken , vegetables, seafood and drinking fizzy and water.

I like blue, purple , yellow and red. My friends name is Augustine George, Benjamin, Sione,  Matthew M and Matthew G and Miguel. My favourite movie is  The New Edition Story on my XBOX I play Fortnite,and watching movies .

Favourite Boys Colours - By Paul