Friday, 6 March 2020

Steamship - Paul

                Steamship Station

Going to sleep as the people talking.  Babies crying wanting to go home back to Italy. I am shivering with nervousness , its my first time on a boat. Feeling someone's hard head on my shoulder. I feel sick from the sea. My nose is quickly plugged by the smell. I hear the clock tick.

I feel very sad, I am hungry. My stomach is rumbling with hunger. The quiet tears of an old lady disturbing my sleep. Hearing others snore very loud, I quickly blocked my ears with sadness. 


  1. Hey Paul it's Chadwick your Best Friend here,
    I really like how you made the story or remade it, Keep up the good work!! :D

  2. Paul, you have described what is going on around you very well in your first paragraph and I'm pleased to see you wrote in your second paragraph how YOU are feeling. Two images stand out for me: "My nose is quickly plugged by the smell" and " I quickly blocked my ears with sadness." Well done.