Friday, 18 September 2020

Aroha - Paul


Her hair blows in the wind, her free spirit flows letting the negativity go. Her name is Aroha meaning love. 

But everyday is not a regular day, the screams in her head. The offensive  jokes that she cannot cope with but she always stay silent, sometimes silence is violence.  She's  forced to deal with what she feels. She drowns in sorrow some times Aroha want to die and never come back tommorow.

Aroha has a friend meetup, they all walk to their favourite spot, peaceful day with the birds singing, their free spirit flys like kites, they both shine bright and they share their light and the sun shine with teeth smiling white.

They all play around in the woods thinking of nothing but everything good. The wind sings with birds flapping their wings and the trees rustle a beat. Its like life is a song going through high notes and low notes with also a sad or happy end. The happy laughs from Aroha and her friends, they all forget about the bad things. Aroha overcomes her fears, and she also takes away the tears.

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