Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Wolves - By Paul

Wolves- By Paul


Wolves are also known as Grey wolves.  They have bushy tails which often is black tipped. Wolves coat colour are regularly grey and brown. Most grey wolves coats are  marked with yellow and black, and its hair reaches to 6 inches long. Wolf adult length is 1.2 – 2 m and the height is 66 - 81 cm also wolves speed is 50/60 km/h  in running.


Wolves are predators and they are excellent at hunting, pack behaviour. Their howl can travel great distances through the wilderness, which means they can communicate with other wolves from far far away. They have very sharp teeth so they can eat and tear apart wild animals.


Wolves diet is only meat and they often prey on other animals larger than they are including, deer, moose, caribou, elk, bison and musk oxen also such as small animals such as beaver, hares and others. Where there is plenty of food, the wolf will live. 


Grey wolves have the largest range of any mammal, other than people. Grey wolves have lived  in all habitats in the Northern Hemisphere. In February and March they breed.Grey wolves are a native of the wilderness and remote areas of Eurasia and North America and they are part of the dog species. 

Life Cycle

The life cycle begins in a mother's womb, during which it’s parents look for a hidden habitat known as den like a home. They find home at mountain areas, woodlands, forests, grasslands and deserts. It’s lifespan goes up to 6-8 years in the wild. And after 6-8 years in the wilderness it dies.