Thursday, 6 July 2017

Shark : by Paul.

Learning Intention .W.A.L.T: Write a report.
Success Criteria I am successful when  I can write a report about sharks.
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Shark are fish.  They are cold blooded.

Some sharks are small , some sharks  are big. Sharks  have tail  for swimming,  and  they have fins for balancing . They have sharp  white teeth to eat other fish.

They have eyes to see other fish, 
 Sharks have fins to balance their body.   Sharks have tail to move faster.  They have sharp teeth to eat other fish. Some sharks are grey and  white at the tummy and they use gills to breath . Some sharks eat smaller sharks,  other sharks  eat fish, some eat turtle crabs and lobster and a squid and people. They live in  oceans. 

Whales :By Paul

L-I .W.A.L.T. Write a report
S-C I am successful when I can write a report about whales.

Whales are mammals.
They  breath air on  surface. 
Whales are very big. Whales use their big eyes  to see other fish. Whales use their teeth to eat fish.  They have  blowhole to breath,  two flippers  for  balancing,  and   tail that are used for swimming. They use their lungs so they can breath. Whales can be found in Arctic oceans  and also they  live in Pacific ocean they can be found in every oceans in the world .

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Feelings of the disciples before the Spirit came-by Paul

Learning Intention  - .W.A.L.T identify how the disciples felt before the Pentecost .
Success Criteria I know I am successful when I can tell the feelings  of the disciples before the Holy Spirit came .                                                                      
The feelings of the disciple before the Holy  Spirit came

Jesus Respected tapu in people by Paul.

Learning Intention- .W.A.L.T- How Jesus respect the tapu in people.
 . Success Criteria  I am successful when I can draw Jesus healing a leper .                                                 


Jesus respected the TAPU of the sick leper by healing him.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Breakfast by the sea: By Paul

Learning Intention: W.A.L.T retell one of the after Easter story.
Success Criteria I am successful when I can retell one after Easter story.

1. The disciple were fishing all night but they did no catch any.
2.  Someone called out to throw the net to the other side of the boat.
3.Peter knew that was Jesus so he jump and swam in the water.
4.Jesus said''come my friend and have breakfast with me. 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

St Patrick day by Paul

Learning Intention .W.A.L.T  write a recount.                                   
Success Criteria: I know I am successful  when I write in order, use capital letters and full stop correctly.

Last Friday it was St. Patrick's day. We went to church to hear mass. We sang and prayed to God. Then we went back to school after the mass.It was morning tea time so I ate my food. After that our team started to play the activities.
 We went to play rob the golden and emerald egg. We have to run to rob the golden egg then we run back to  our group . Next, our group went to Sr. Evalesi to paint a colourful rainbow  with our little finger.  It was fun. The next activity was bookmark making. I glued and coloured my leprechaun.  It was also fun. After that we went under the the shade to wait for the result of the group that  won. Finally we  have a lemonade ice block. It was yummy. 
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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Prayer- by Paul

Learning Intention. W. A.L.T - to write a simple prayer.
 Success Criteria- I know I am successful if I can write a simple prayer so I can talk to God.  

Image result for prayer black and whiteThank you God  for looking after us. Thank you for the builders who are going to work  in Room 6 to be our classroom.   Amen.

Monday, 13 March 2017

The day I save Emily

Leaning Intention W.A.L.T - write a recount                                                                                                Success Criteria I know I can I do this when I write my story  in  order and use capital letter and full stop correctly.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Image result for fishing riverLast Friday down by the river I was fishing with my friend Then there was a loud scream a little girl was In the water . she was shouting for help . I dashed in and pull her out. I had my clothes on and I was shivering after wards Emily grandma said thank you so much for saving her. so the mum took her home to sleep.

Ash Wednesday by Paul

L-I -  W.A.L.T .recognise Lent as a season for turning back to God.
Success Criteria:  I know I can do this when I write my story about Ash Wednesday in order and use capital letters and full stops correctly.

Image result for ash wednesdayDuring Ash Wednesday everyone gathered outside the church. First Father Andrew burn our favourite treasure because we wanted to turn back to God.  Then everyone went inside the church to hear mass. We sang and prayed to God so that he will listen  to our  prayer. Later on father Andrew put the sign of the cross on my forehead and he used the ashes. He said "from  dust you came to dust you shall return". Finally, we went back to class and talk about Ash Wednesday.