Friday, 14 May 2021

Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Memories rush in my mind, while holding this bright sunshine yellow umbrella. I can still feel the vibrations of the rain repeatedly hitting the umbrella. I can hear my dad saying "Everything is going to be alright" 

While I hold this umbrella, all I could think of is where would my dad be without me? I remembered  his stressed looking face but smiles everytime he looked at me. 

I thanked the girl for giving me the umbrella. Her mum walked to me and said "Everything is going to be alright."

Sailing With The Homies



First of all, I want to thank St Johns Rotary for sponsoring us to go to Sailing at Okahu Bay. We really appreciate it... thank you.

At Okahu Bay,  my class and I did a very fun activity... Sailing. When we got to our location on a bus the sky was grey, the salty water looked very cold and the little sailing boat  we were to go in gave me claustrophobia vibes

After we talked about saftey rules, ate morning tea we had a little korero. I partnered up with my classmate Peter and we were all building our boat and looking at the finished boat to figure how to make our boat perfect for us to go on the ocean. 

It was time to go sailing and get wet!, I rushed to my boat but my brain wasn't working.  I forgot to wear my Swim Suit!. Me and my classmates went to the changing room and changed into our outfit. Our outfit was a lifejacket and waterproof bright red jacket. 

We all got into our boats and me and my partner Peter started confused. "What's this for?"  "Uhh, whats this thingy?" We worked it out and we are ready to ride like the waves. We were all organized as numbers like "1 2 3 4 5 6" It was time for all of us to disconnect from each other. I was steering and looking at the sky and then a ball was thrown at me "What the? Oh nah who ever threw that is gonna get hurt" I said.  "Ball Tiggy!" said the life guards. Peter and I sailed away as fast as we could.

I hit one of the girls on their head with a ball. I was imagining myself with unlimited balls and repeatedly throwing at them. I was full of laughter throwing the balls at them. The most embarrasing thing that happened was that I was the first ever person to fall in the water swimming like a maniac to get bak in the boat. But it was fun. Peter and I kept on falling but on purpose because being in the water was fun. 

Once we all finished sailing we changed into our warm clothes and went on the bus and the boys sang "IN the jungle the quiet jungle the lion sleeps tonight". "Im a barbie girl in a barbie world"  all the way home. 

Thank you St Johns Rotary for the fun. And thank you teachers for looking after us. And thank you bus driver for not complaning about our annoying voices singing and taking us to the sailing.

Friday, 7 May 2021

My Value

Today we discussed our values. We had to think deeply and hard about what really counts. I chose the value Nature because nature  helps us to live. Nature  trees  gives us oxygen to breath and nutritious fruits to eat and drink and wood to make houses.  Nature is beautiful for its greenry, birds singing, sunshine and most importantly humans. Us humans have to look after Nature.

We created our value  in clay so we could think about our values more and what it meant to us  personally

With my clay I made a tree and a butterfly. I made a tree for its oxygen and food. I also made a butterfly for its beautiful multicoloured wings and the pollen it spreads to create other plant life.

Diary Entry

This is a diary entry, I have writting in reponse to a short animated movie we were studying for literature 

Dear Diary,

I always wondered where were my  parents were.

I always wanted to know, why they weren't there.

I only remember a little glimpse of them arguging. The agressive high pitch screams, blue and red lights flashing upon my eyes. 

My soul just left my body, waterfalls falling from my eyes saying prayers in my head asking God to save me. Then a loud bang that ended all.

That was all I remembered. I really wish for a bottle with a genie in it. Wishing to have a better life and my heart fixed.  With people who love me and care for me, like parents.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Prayer In Color - Paul

 This term in prayer we are learning about different ways to pray. Today we did a prayer in "Color" praying for all those who need us at this time .

Friday, 9 April 2021

Stations of the Cross


                             Stations of The Cross

Stations of the Cross is the 14 images that represents the stages of Christ’s passion and death..

Why do we do it?

Once a year, during Holy Week, my school does a performance of  the Stations of The Cross. As a Catholic school we believe in Jesus Christ and the Religious life. We do Stations of the Cross because we thank Jesus for the sacrifice of his life for people. In the stations of the Cross there are 14 stages representing  Christ’s death. 


       What did I do in the performance?

In the performance I was acting as Simon’s friend. Simon of Cyrene is the man who helped Jesus carry the cross to his crucifixion. In the 5th station guards were choosing either Simon  and his 3 friends who should  be chosen to help Jesus carry the cross. The guards chose Simon because he looked strong  to help Jesus carry the cross. 

Growing up in Saint Patrick’s school I always wanted to be a part of the Stations of The Cross performance. Year 7’s and 8’s can only do it! Being in the performance is very important to me to show Jesus that I am thankful for what he has done for me and others. When I was acting it felt exciting and a little bit of nervous. There were a lot of kids watching our play and they all looked amazed

Thanks to our Teachers and wonderful Actors.