Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Would you rather Be a Wizard or Be a Superhero?

(Would you rather be a Wizard or a Superhero)

I would rather be a Superhero

To help those who are suffering. Another reason it would help me to feel brave and confident. Mostly I would just fly and chase the sunset,

whilst flying with the birds and breeze.

I Would Rather Slide down a rainbow or jump on clouds?

                                                   I would like to jump on clouds

For the feeling of feeling Free.

The feeling to forget every bad matter in this accursed world. The soft touch

of heaven's land. Being up in the sky never seeing the earth’s ground again and being alone

would be my favorite feeling. I would be living in a world where there

is no care whatsoever.  In a world where it's like running through Santa's beard and it's never ending.  

Being above the world where there's everything happening is better than going through it. 

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Black Out Poetry

 Apart of writing this week my class did a blackout poetry. All you need is to find a newspaper or magazine or you could rather find an article online, and then find a piece of text and create a poem by blackening or highlighting words to build your poem.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

Maori Language Week.

In Maori Language week. Me and my class was ordered to do make a Maori Sentence of anything. Then tell the class and make a poster of it. 

Monday, 30 August 2021

Choie Sew Hoy

Who is Choie Sew Hoy ?

Choie Sew Hoy was born in Guangdong province in China, 1838 and died in New Zealand, Dunedin 1901. Choie Sew Hoy also known as Charles Sew Hoy was a Chinese leader, New Zealand merchant and a gold dredger. Choie Sew Hoy and some of his family took  part in the gold rush in America, California. They did well, then Sew Hoy returned back to China. There was word that gold was discovered in Australia. He sailed to Melbourne. During his time back in Cali, he learned that being a merchant makes more money than most miners. So he became a Merchant. 

What Did He Accomplish?

In 1861, gold was found in New Zealand, Otago. Many people came from all over the world. But as time passed by, the miners went to new goldfields. A group of businesses wanted more miners for Otago so they invited the Chinese miners from Australia. The Chinese men began arriving in December 1865 and they worked very well, and that's when Choie Sew Hoy realized that the men will need food and resources. He then opened a store near the wharves in Dunedin. His shop was a success, Choie sold rice, peanut oil and other goodies that the Chinese miner wanted. He accomplished being a successful merchant. Choie Sew Hoy, was also an international gold dredger. Going to America, Australia and New Zealand.

What happened to him after his death?

When he died, they dug up his body and put the remains on the ship, SS Ventnor along with others to take them back to their hometown, and to their family.  The SS Ventnor left Wellington and it struck a rock and sank. In 1901, Choie Sew Hoy's brother Kum Poy Sew Hoy went to the Sew Hoy's merchant business  and put in a lot of effort into the development and working of the Nokomai Claim. Everything had gone well, he took a leading role with the company, working as an assistant.

What Legacy has he left behind?

The legacy Choie Sew Hoy has left behind was his businesses, his work ethic and all the hard work he put into his successful companies that made him a success, wealthy and a great leader and role model to his community. 

Friday, 2 July 2021

Boy on the Bike

This diagram is about a boy (Mac), Mac and his dad had a bike ride through New Zealand to raise money for the St John's ambulance. Him and his dad was from the top of the North Island to the bottom of North Island. This is about what Mac researched and why it's important.

Maggots Life Cycle

 Yes, It's true that maggots heal wounds and help close them up. Mhm, they are creepy, yucky and slimy. But that slime is a great friend, the slime is a remarkable healing balm used to eat dead tissue within wounds and cleaning it so it can heal. Me and my group made this diagram to thank them.